Saturday, January 04, 2014

Prior to 2010, life had been plunging. Most aspects in my life didn't seem right. The one and only thing that was right was my family. My imperfect family wasn't some proverbial scaffolding that held me, they are the iron foundation that protected and bound me with so much love that I never want to quit living a life.

When everything was so low, how low more could one go? 2010 was a year I began setting goals for myself because I finally think it's time to take charge of my life more aggressively. For the fun of it, I started with not drinking coffee for a year and to do 6 running events a year. When I achieved and exceeded what I set for myself, I was overjoyed.

So setting achievable goals become a fun thing to do. Hurray hurray! The honest truth is I won't be able to achieve any of these goals alone. Along the way, there will be people who will help me and to give credit to. Hop on my bandwagon and let's set some goals and make things happen. Aight?

Now that the goals are set. Time to take a ride and watch magic unfolds for 2014.

Have a blessed blessed 2014!


  • cook the best fried rice and beehoon
  • eat healthy
  • drink veggie smoothie at least 4 times a week


  • run a marathon
  • join 1 cycling event
  • do wall climbing - achieved on 28 March 2014
  • go kayaking
  • have toned abs


  • Sabah - achieved on 2 May 2014
  • Shanghai, China
  • Singapore
  • Cambodia



  • be debt free
  • fund a long-term investment
  • set up a stream of side income - in progress


  • grow long healthy hair
  • have rash-free skin


  • attend an acrylic painting lesson
  • write a song
  • direct a video
  • watch a movie a week
  • read a book a month
  • photo shoot for Jennifer


  • take one friend out each month
  • give a gift to a friend each month
  • meet my best friend at least twice this year


  • one holiday with my family
  • take Luffy out for walks


  • smile always
  • be ready to be loved


  • I want to inspire people to be happier and healthier and never give up.

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