Street Photography Attempt at Goddess of Mercy Temple

Monday, March 23, 2015

These shots were taken during the Chinese New Year period. As such, the temple was probably busier than usual. It takes me a lot of courage to step in and snap photos of human beings. Yes, I'm terrified of being interrogated later.

The temple looking beautiful adorned by red festive lanterns.
Joss sticks as offerings.
One of the stalls selling prayer necessities. The picture depicts the zodiacs that clashes with  the year of goat. So those borned in the year of goat, dog, dragon and bull are advised to make a trip to the temple.
A tourist finding the lanterns worth a click.
It was a busy morning at the temple. Here, a father showing his son what to do.
Seen here are local ladies making their prayers early in the morning.
Captured this thinking, it could pass off as a frame within a frame.  
Releasing pigeons is believed to be a good deed. 
Beautiful red lanterns across the blue sky.
The stall that captures birds and sells them to be released later. The idea puzzles me but oh well, do enlighten me, if you have an answer.
Another curious traveller finding the furnace interesting.

How to get there?

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