A Very Vintage Steamboat Affair

Monday, March 23, 2015

Just before Chinese New Year, I had a gathering with 2 of my good friends. We were eating at a road side stall along Kimberley Street. In front of me was Goh Huat Seng Steamboat Restaurant. I was imagining, how nice it would be to eat steamboat there.

All right, ask and you shall receive. Some friends came to town and we picked Goh Huat Seng! Hurray! Hurray! It has been around for 3 generations, one of the oldest restaurants in Penang.The soup was awesome. It was a clear chicken soup. They offer everything steamboat from fish balls, pork balls, squid balls. Tofu, fish, chicken and vegetables.

Here comes a very old school charcoal steamboat.
This was the setting of Goh Huat Seng. Very vintage.
When the soup boils, it was time to drop in all that we want to savour.
We had a table full of good food. The soup was done so well. I believe that was the reason why the steamboat here was so good.
We had to capture all these nom noms before they run out.
Here's the price tag for your convenience.

How to get there?

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