In Shanghai, I Spy

Thursday, December 20, 2012

When I was in Shanghai travelling, it was probably one of the first actual long holiday I ever had since I started working. It was a direction-less, plan-less, wanderous adventure. Solo travel. Could barely speak Chinese but yeah I survived and found that I love the place.

People keep giving me different opinions of China but I say, "Let's find it out personally."

So in Shanghai, I spied...

In Shanghai, the crazy skycrapers dominate the skyline but they haven't forgotten those in between.

In Shanghai, they called it the Oriental Paris. So romantic. They dance.
In Shanghai, there are mostly signages in Chinese. I was mostly happily lost. We don't always need a direction.
In Shanghai, I saw my name or what looks like my name. With 2 different strokes, my name becomes Stop. It looks like there are Nine Million Bicycles in Shanghai too.
In Shanghai at The Bund - this beautiful massive colonial buidling stands proud.
In Shanghai, bridges and canals are a common scene. 
In Shanghai, my best friend resides. He makes a great model - always.

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